Big Jack, Cowboy Aviator

Big Jack, Cowboy Aviator

The year is 1925. Confident of his aerobatic skills and fueled by his determination to make a name for himself, Jack Ashcraft leaves a humdrum flying business to join the Gates Flying Circus, billed as the World’s Greatest Exhibition Aviators. He becomes their star performer. His photo and exploits are printed in newspapers throughout the eastern United States, and his performances make headlines. Along the way, he befriends pioneering aviators and free-thinking flappers, flies in a transcontinental air race, and leads a simulated air attack on New York City. But his chosen calling conflicts with his family’s desire for him to be closer to home. When tragedy strikes, Jack struggles to come to terms with the dangerous reality of flying and his desire to return to the life he loves.

About the Book

Cindy Weigand beautifully weaves facts and fiction in the novel Big Jack Cowboy Aviator. Using a number of primary sources, Weigand returns readers to the Golden Age of Aviation and allows them to take flight with “Big Jack” Ashcraft. With the turn of each page, Weigand explores the triumphs and tragedies of Ashcraft’s life and documents the extreme hazards associated with early aviation.

Author, North Carolina Aviatrix VIOLA GENTRY: The Flying Cashier

Anytime men come together in high-risk endeavors, a shared but often unspoken understanding forms. Ms. Weigand pries loose these private words, thoughts, and emotions for others to see, and feel.

Eight-year member of the US Advanced World Aerobatic Team

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